This page answers many questions you may have as you’re planning your visit to the ICR Discovery Center. If you can’t find the information you’re looking for 在这里, please call Guest Services at 800.743.6374.

探索中心的容量正在恢复到100%. 客人不需要戴口罩. Our staff will continue to conduct frequent cleanings with approved disinfectants. Hand sanitizer stations can be found throughout the facility and masks are available upon request.

为十大赌博正规平台在线的客人提供安全愉快的体验, 志愿者, and employees is always a priority for us at the ICR Discovery Center. 十大赌博正规平台在线每天对所有的自助服务站进行多次清洁, 门把手, rails, 卫生间, 以及经常接触的表面, 还要特别注意交通繁忙的区域. Approved disinfectants and cleaning agents are used to thoroughly sanitize all of these surfaces and items.

探索中心于周二至周六上午10点开放.m.–5:00 p.m.有一个特别的早入场时间是上午9点.m. 会员每天. We’re closed on Sundays and Mondays as well as Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas day. 了解更多 在这里.

探索中心位于皇家巷1830号, 达拉斯, Texas 75229--only about 10 miles from DFW Airport and 达拉斯 Love Field Airport. 你可以找到去探索中心的方向 在这里.

The Discovery Center is a ministry extension of the Institute for Creation Research (ICR), 哪个是501(c)(3)非盈利组织. 了解更多十大赌博正规平台在线ICR的信息 在这里.

While the Discovery Center isn't geared toward young children, we welcome all ages to visit.  Children learn foundational concepts they can build on for a lifetime, while students and adults can dig deeper into the creation topics that interest them. 一些特殊的效果, 电影, or animatronics contain sounds or images that might startle some visitors. Please exercise caution if you or others in your party have sensitivities that might be affected by the exhibits’ more dynamic features. 如果您有任何问题,请发邮件给我 discover@abbysuite.com,拨打800.743.6374号,或与十大赌博正规平台在线的员工见面.

可以,展览厅和天文馆都需要票. Live presentations in 创始人的大厅 during special events also require a ticket. To reserve your tickets, you must select your visit date and entry time &/或显示时间. Guests may enter the exhibit hall during their selected entry hour, but not earlier. 客人们可以在展览厅里想待多久就待多久. 票 allow for re-entry the remainder of the day until closing time. Plan to arrive at the planetarium up to 10 minutes before your selected show time. 你可以找到更多的信息 在这里.

是的, general admission tickets are good for re-entry the entire date of your visit.

是的,你可以看到十大赌博正规平台在线现在的票价和特价 在这里.

是的,十大赌博正规平台在线为12-60人的团体提供打折票价. 了解更多十大赌博正规平台在线 正规赌博十大网站 or .

在您预定的访问日期前一天的任何时间, 您可能会收到稍后日期的退款或换票. To refund or exchange tickets visit Guest Services or call Customer Service at 800.628.7640. 这不适用于团体票. For more information on our group tickets please call Customer Service or 点击这里.

ICR发现中心免费停车. In addition to standard vehicle parking, we can also accommodate up to six buses. 看到一个地图 在这里.

A self-guided tour through the exhibit hall can take 1-2 hours depending on how long you spend reviewing the material and exhibits. The Discovery Center also offers 天文馆显示 throughout the day, 根据节目不同,观看时间为25-45分钟. The Founder’s Hall sometimes hosts live science presentations or learning modules during special events. 另外, the Discovery Store is open for purchasing resources and merchandise during normal Discovery Center operating hours.

是的, on occasion t在这里 will be tours led by some of our scientists or specially trained docents during special events. 为了查看即将到来的巡演, 点击这里.

在这个时候,十大赌博正规平台在线不提供任何地方购买膳食. Light snacks and drinks can be purchased from our onsite vending machines, 但不允许进入展览厅, 创始人的大厅, 或天文馆. Outdoor picnic tables can be found in the Discovery Park and are open to all guests on a first come, 先得.

是的,十大赌博正规平台在线有双层会员计划. 你可以找到所有十大赌博正规平台在线会员的细节, 包括如何将会员资格赠送给朋友或家人, 在这里.

Thank you for your interest in supporting the work and ministry of ICR and the ICR Discovery Center. 您可以访问十大赌博正规平台在线的捐款页面 在这里 了解更多.

是的,十大赌博正规平台在线爱十大赌博正规平台在线的志愿者. 看看你能如何加入这个团队 在这里.

绝对! Anyone can stop by the ICR Discovery Store to purchase resources during normal business hours.

是的, the building and grounds, including parking and park areas, are all wheelchair accessible. We have a limited number of wheelchairs available for guests to use while on our property. They are free of charge at Guest Services on a first come, 先得.

只有官方服务犬才允许进入ICR探索中心. 其他动物不得入内. Any guest bringing an official service dog is responsible for their dog and its behavior while in the Discovery Center and on ICR property. Service dogs are not permitted in the 天文馆显示 as the experience is distressing for them. Service dogs acting in a disruptive or destructive manner may be asked to leave.


No; live presentations by ICR scientists will take place at scheduled times, 通常在特殊事件期间. 现场演讲需要门票.

是的, photos and short video clips can be taken for personal noncommercial use, 但是拍摄展厅视频, 天文馆显示, 或者禁止现场演示. 请勿使用闪光灯拍照. Any photos, video, or audio taken should not limit or disrupt the experience of others. 除非事先获得ICR的书面许可, 三脚, 要/有问题棒, 麦克风, 无人驾驶飞机, 聚光灯, 其他类似装置也被禁止. 所有商业项目必须事先获得ICR的书面批准.


是的, the DART public transportation system drops off and picks up directly across the street. 与火车, 轻轨, 公共汽车系统遍布整个达拉斯县, including to and from both 达拉斯 Love Field and DFW International airports, 十大赌博正规平台在线对每个人都开放.